No. 2081 3 - Horse Evener - (complete as shown)
Doubletree and Singletree are detachable
No. 2082 3 - Horse Beam Only
No. 2083 4 - Horse Evener - (complete as shown)
Doubletrees are detachable
No. 2084 4 - Horse Beam Only
Length 65"
No. 2120 3 - Horse Tongue Evener (complete as shown)
Allow using three abreast on a tonque. Two hitch pin locations are required.
No. 2089 4 - Horse Plow Equalizer
(equalizer only as shown)
No.2090 Plow Equalizer With Doubletrees
(complete with our light doubletrees)
No. 2087 5 - Horse Beam
For using five abreast.
No. 2088 6 -Horse Beam
For using six abreast.
Tandem Rope And Pulley Hitch - (No. 2113 shown)
Light, yet strong and durable make it simple and convenient to use. Use them for all your tandem hitchneeds. They come complete with all ropes, hooks, pulleys and chains. Evener is not included.

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